Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Zatapulse Survey

Zata 3 has released the results from its Zatapulse Survey taken on May 1, 2009:

Harvey Johnson 26%

Crisler 26%

Melton 18%

Horhn 11%

Fair 4%

Others 7%

Undecided 8%

The results from the Zata 3 and Clarion-Ledger polls are similar with respect to the order of candidate preference, and roughly speaking, the chasm between the top two "ABM" candidates and the rest. If these polls are anywhere near correct, the best chance to oust Mayor Melton in the first primary is to vote for either Harvey Johnson or Marshand Crisler on Tuesday. A vote for Horhn and Fair will decrease the results for the two leaders, and thereby give Mr. Melton a chance to catch up with one of them. In 25 years of casting votes here, I have learned that ANYTHING can happen in a second primary in Mississippi. We don't need to take that risk.

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