Friday, May 29, 2009

"The Names Were Changed to Protect the Innocent" . . . Our Blog Name Change Contest

"Jim Craig's World" was a name that expressed the ability to see the world and its events from within my head (with important parts of my brain blocked out, of course; one doesn't want to scare the populace). The blog is now beyond that, and it's much better for it. In the short time that Matt "the Iceberg" Eichelberger has joined the World, he's raised the quality of "the product" to a new level. I think it's time to recognize this by changing the name of our blog.

We'd appreciate your input in re-naming the blog. If someone comes up with a name that we decide to adopt, he or she will drink on our tab at Tye's on a "Thursday at the Plaza" in the near future.

So fire away . . . what do you think?


Anonymous said...

How about The Frontal Lobotomized or Jim & Matt's Excellent Lobotomies?

Anonymous said...

I think "Samurai Defenders" is rather snappy.