Monday, May 18, 2009

Horhn For Rent?

I was annoyed as hell to see two soaked pieces of paper leaking ink onto the Miata in the Fondren Presbyterian parking lot yesterday.  They were both from the Crisler campaign.  Having yet to decide whether to post a preference in the Mayoral race, I was seriously tempted to endorse Johnson.  That became more likely when I perused the comically adolescent "SS Harvey Johnson" hit piece.

But I became less upset when I read the second weather-beaten sheet.  It claimed that Sen John Horhn's campaign had initiated feelers to both of the run-off candidates, if they would assist him in raising sufficient funds to pay off his campaign debt.

Now, such deals are not uncommon.  Hillary Clinton did the same when she withdrew from the presidential race.  But given the active role Senator Horhn has taken in the runoff campaign, it is a fair question whether his assertions about Harvey Johnson are sincere.

But I'm still upset about the ink on my car.


Anonymous said...

Is that you in Crisler's campaign finance report for $250?

Jim Craig said...

Yes, it is. If they spent that money on the ink that smeared on my hood, I want some of it back. And you?