Monday, January 26, 2009

Latest GOP Brainstorm: Move the Gitmo Prisoners to Alcatraz??

Professor Douglas Berman of the law school at Ohio State University entertains us with this lively idea from the Republican House leadership:

Not surprisingly, the President's order to close GITMO has everyone talking about where the prisoners now held there will be sent. This Denver Post article, for example, reports on buzz already surrounding the the possibility that the GITMO detainees might be sent to the federal supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

I think there is a pretty good chance that at least some of the GITMO detainees will end up in a federal supermax prison. But I was joyfully gobsmacked when on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning House Minority Leader John Boehner suggested we send them to Alcatraz.
As revealed in this official website, right now Alcatraz Island is a national park. But as detailed in official and unofficial websites, the colorful and dynamic history of Alcatraz (not to mention its secure location) makes it perhaps the most fitting locale for the next chapter of the war on terror.

Thanks, Professor. And thanks to you, Rep. Boehner. That bit of hilarity made my afternoon. And on the Gitmo detainees: why not just unlock the gates and let Raul and Fidel deal with it?

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