Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stabbed In The Brain By Mayor Melton

The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson's daily newspaper, reported today on the latest news conference given by our embattled Mayor, Frank Melton. Mr. Melton is under Federal indictment for leading a group of young men to demolish a house without legal authority. He claims it was a crack house, but eschewed any legal process to secure a court order giving the City the right to destroy the building.

The newspaper reports:

Melton then promised “dramatic steps” to deal with crime in the city, including renewing his youth employment program and enacting a proposed ban on baggy pants. He said the City Council is poised to vote on the ban today. If the council does not pass it, he will through executive order, he said.

What part of the phrase "separation of powers" does this guy not understand? The Mayor does not MAKE the laws; the Mayor does not BREAK the laws. The Mayor enforces the laws that the legislative branch (the City Council) enacts (with his signature or over his veto), and he does it in accordance with constitutional restraints.

This kind of "change-the-subject spin" makes my head hurt. Will somebody please ask the politicians to quit stabbing us in the brain?

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